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Note:  Most training companies do not replace lost certificates but we do our best to locate your original class sign in sheet and verify your attendance.  *WE CAN ONLY GO BACK 24 MONTHS* If Your Class Was Over 24 Months or we may not be able to locate your certificate but we will try.  THIS SERVICE IS NON-REFUNDABLE.  THE $25 FEE IS FOR THE TIME IT TAKES TO LOCATE YOUR ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE.  IF WE CANNOT LOCATE YOUR CERTIFICATES YOU WILL RECEIVE A CREDIT TO TAKE THE CLASS OVER.  The More Information You Give Us, The Faster We Can Find Your Signature On The Sign-In & Validate Your Attendance.  Please Answer ALL Fields!  Standard Processing Is 7 Days.  Same Day Service Is Available By Calling 904-606-5822 For An Additional Fee.

Please upload a photo from the class or a screenshot of a review for verification of attendance. If you don't have one of these, please text or email us for alternative options. 

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Thanks for submitting! We Will Email Your Certificate Once Approved!

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